Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dreaming on a sunny summer afternoon!

This dream can be reality!!! It's all up to us. Do you want it bad enough?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Look what I found!

I found this while doing a google search on my favorite term, "military industrial mediatainment big pharma complex". I made this post back in 2005 on the milblog Blackfive. Good veterans with bad attitudes is a nice description of this blog. This was a response to people dogging Sheehan at Camp Casey TX.

"conservative veteran here, be proactive not reactive!
pro war people in crawford are REACTING to anti war protesters. it is sad to see so many people who have so much to loose and so little to gain from this war act as puppets for the military industrial mediatainment complex.

as much as i love and cherish all the men and women in the armed forces, i hate the way they are being used, and now how their families are being used to say it is the american way to kill and maim to enrich the already super rich and protect the racist nation of israel.

if you want to find wmd's in the mideast head northwest to israel. if you want to find a nation that sponsors terrorism head south to Saudi Arabia. if you want to find al qaeda's nest head east to pakistan. if you want to find human rights abusers and war criminals, look in washington dc and london.

i am a conservative. in other words we can't afford this war. the money, the loss of life, the ruined lives, the alienation of our allies, and we are giving china MORE rope to economically hang us with.

i've read this blog for a week now and many intelligent well intentioned people read and contribute. but there is one underlying thread...war is good, war will solve our problems. so many have bought into it.
airborne all the way

He he he!

Impeachment Blues!!!

Sheehan, an antiwar leader who simply amazes me, is threatening Pelosi! Nancy Pelosi, is failing us...bigtime, I mean bad!! Sheehan knows it and wants to run against her unless Pelosi brings up Articles of Impeachment by July 23, 2007. Ha! If Pelosi did that, the fountains of money from the "military industrial mediatainment big pharma complex" would stop.

The Gilded Age...again?

The Gilded Age never ended!!! The Plutocrats were moderated for some years, and the common man has made some strides, but the beast has been lurking and waiting. And now the esteemed bloggers at Crooks and Liars have a post about our favorite subject!!! How sweet it is to be ahead of the curve...again!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Ronald Reagan!

The legendary Ronald Reagan. The most popular president of the 20th century. See what the media can make people believe and forget.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mixed Results!

John Edwards voted for the Energy Bill! Here is his track record on the issues.
Look and see that he is not on our side. He talks about the poor, but he is feeding the rich. And he is by far the best option. That is sad. Feingold where are you??????????????????

Dana Rohrabacher is a punk!

In a article, Ann Wright tells of this slimy politician's remarks.
This guy needs to be imprisoned with Bush and the rest of the war criminals in Washington. And the day that these guys are locked up should be made a national holiday, celebrated til the end of time. A holiday commemorating the end of tyranny and reminding our posterity what happens to a criminally despotic administration and it's enablers.

"At that point, I had had enough of Rohrabacher. I stood up and said, "I did not serve 29 years in the US military and 16 years in the US diplomatic corps to see demise of the rule of law and violation of our own laws. Rohrabacher's statements are outrageous. No wonder the world hates us!"

Chairman Delahunt gaveled for me to stop speaking, and I was escorted by the police out of the committee room. I was not arrested." Thanks Ann!